low down

rants, grunts, raves, waves...anything! what have you. my thoughts, ideas, emotions. everything i write here would basically be words i have in my head. might be sensical to some, worthless to none. nonetheless, just read on!



i have been ever so quiet and i have not done anything to update this blog. i got in a rut, well i still am and i have been busy with - thinking. yup i have not done really big but think. i could sat that i have almost made up all the what ifs and how's thats than anyone could ever imagine...but then again maybe not.

work's a bitch right now and heading to nowhere. life has been so uneventful. good thing dior's there to sweep me off my feet and dallas (the little one) will be coming in soon. boy, i am so freaking excited. i wonder what it would really be like. gotta get my life back on track though!

anyway, im in a room of red chairs and the music playing would be the sound of the airconditioned unit accompanied by the tinkling of the keys. i decided to write because there is nothing much to do. when i get out of this building, the street may probebly be not as traffic as it is used to. the sun is shining but the blinds make it look like its peeking. probably it's sum 18 degrees in this joint so it's rather toasty.

julia fordham playing in my head with girlfriend. i am waiting for the right time to come so that i can go home and have the much needed rest. my recluse is but a few hours and i am happy that it has come.


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