low down

rants, grunts, raves, waves...anything! what have you. my thoughts, ideas, emotions. everything i write here would basically be words i have in my head. might be sensical to some, worthless to none. nonetheless, just read on!


what to do?

i have of alot of things in mind right now. and i dunno what to do. i'm really thinking of getting into photography. yes point and shoot. click and reload. maybe seeing rain looking at different cameras online. having pictures all over did the trick for me. but this is not to say i'm already hooked, it's just that my interest level is at high right now. the woman does not approve of it though...so what now? hmmmm...(and then with sharp eyes, an evil snicker). maybe i'll just try to read up on everything right now. just for now. and learn everything i need. a career in the making? a longshot but perhaps...perhaps.

my friend janis told me that i should write more in my blog. maybe she's right. but i'm not that interesting a person. i don't even know if you're into what is written here. i used to write alot before. but somewhere between grade 7 and 1st year college, pens and ideas took their bags and went off. hehehe. now it's all about being corny and all. sad sad sad.

an attempt.
thoughts lost, where do i begin?
my mind moves the keys
fingers stop and cease
an idea? still nothing

this is an attempt (again) in poetry
to write inspiration
put in words from imagination
do away with quandary

though funny this may sound
foolish, crappy and trying-hard
pardon this unworthy bard
just lost, hoping to be found

this lyric must be cut short
the flow has come to a end
no more ideas to spend
this is all i have to abort

hahahahahahaha. what the hell? sounds like vanilla ice rap huh? i think i have to put my energies somewhere else. or i just need more inspiration? maybe you could give me an idea.


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