low down

rants, grunts, raves, waves...anything! what have you. my thoughts, ideas, emotions. everything i write here would basically be words i have in my head. might be sensical to some, worthless to none. nonetheless, just read on!


random #4

haven't posted for a while. nothin's much has happened. been down lately. having a hard time at work. good thing motivation is still up. lost our sunday game by the way. bummer. mind's blank as of the moments. trying to find out what to write. it seems like people around me has got issues. nice to know that i am not alone in this world. i guess that's what we call the spice of life. all would not be complete without daily struggles and obstacles. amidst that i believe in the resilience of an individual. no matter how shitty life may become, a person still finds a way to rise up to the challenge. let me ask...when was the last time you pushed adversity aside and spit on it? that's what should always happen. never back down and keep your head up. as long as you do that, i believe that nothing is impossible. for the listless out there, break out of your slump and take your head out of the ground. exude your confidence because you have it. everybody has it. it's a matter of letting it show. easier said than done? could be...you get hurt, you learn. you succeed, you achieve. win-win situation.
think about it. do it. godspeed.


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