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rants, grunts, raves, waves...anything! what have you. my thoughts, ideas, emotions. everything i write here would basically be words i have in my head. might be sensical to some, worthless to none. nonetheless, just read on!


glad that was over with...

whew! that was something. a gruelling week in accounting, software familiarization, configuring this and that, finding out what goes where. it's just goes on and on! what am i talking about? well, just to tell you folks for this week i was schooled! got my hands on training on a software that I have used before. due to an invisible hand that's gagging my mouth, im not allowed to say what that product is...confidentiality agreement so to speak. 'tis for me to know and for you to find out. 'wink'

it was like going back to college. we were given lectures...exercises we're given...question and answer...and yes you've thought of it - a FINAL exam (an 80% passing score is required). that keep me up all night (should i say morning) just to study for the test. good thing alot of things were saved in my head plus reviewers were handed out by officemates[3x 'wink'].

the test was all good and like every important exam i take, i always got jittery. yup a li'l bit of cold swaet was there and also the incessant leg shakin'. as for the exam - it was all good we were given ample amount of time to go over the questions and answer them carefully.
hopefully, i do get a passing mark. i just wanna get some rest and take it easy. yeah, chill over the weekend. i do think i deserve it. today's saturday, so there's an adventure waiting to be taken. oh yeah! there's also our basketball game tomorrow so im kinda stoked and rarin' to play. fo shizzle dizzle..

now i have to run. got to do a little more training. i'm not listening again. sheeesh! ima be back in a few. y'all keep it on the DL.


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