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rants, grunts, raves, waves...anything! what have you. my thoughts, ideas, emotions. everything i write here would basically be words i have in my head. might be sensical to some, worthless to none. nonetheless, just read on!


another day gone :'(

i was supposed to go out tonight. you know to enjoy my rest day and and get into the scene once again. get a little sip of socail life. it's really hard for me to go out these days because most of the time i'm all bushed when people ask me to go out. like iwas suppose to attend 2 birthday parties last night and i ended up waking at 11:00pm. i just texted the people whom i promised to and extended my apologies to them. was so tired and i couldn'y get up. i even set my alarm to wake me up - and it did but i was really lethargic and got myslef stuck in bed instead. oh well another day gone.

well if there's any consolation, today's another rest day and i will make it a point to go out and let the sun burn my eyes (but then again it cold be raining again). actually today's a big day so i really can't afford to bum again. gotta get these dawgs walkin'. a game is up. be meeting my girl. be saying "hi" to her folks and from there who knows?

well i have to get to sleep once again. gotta get the much needed energy. but a good movie is on tv. and i'm really not that sleepy. decisions.

be back in a bit. God bless


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